IADESO history San Francisco Farm

San Francisco, Farm located in the Tisaleo canton, Tungurahua Province, Ecuador, at the end of the 18th century, my maternal grandparents acquired this hacienda, which was worked with great effort and care by my remembered grandparents Gavino Guerrero and Evarista Álvarez; After the years when they departed from this life, by inheritance it came to belong to my beloved Parents Francisca Pastora and José Abel Guerrero, my three older brothers and I were born, we grew up in this paradisiacal place in the corners of the snowy Carihuairazo.

Looking at the wonderful life of nature, the care of diverse trees, the forest, short-cycle and aromatic plants, beautiful gardens, fruit trees: apple, claudia, Mirabelle, blackberry, fig, cucumber; vegetables: white onion, cabbage, lettuce, spinach; cereals: barley, quinoa, corn; tuber cultivation: potato, melloco, oca, garlic, red onion; poultry, grass and alfalfa, livestock: cattle, sheep, horses, pigs and the interesting rabbit farming.

That allowed us to live comfortably and even worry about doing social help both with the workers who were an active part of the development and growth of such a beautiful property and also working actively with the Church and especially with public and private Organizations and Institutions in the execution of projects and activities to benefit the community.

At the initiative of Engineer Juan Gavino Guerrero G., thanks to this variety of experiences, knowledge and ability to work with the support of his beloved mother “Paquita” and sister “Fanny Mariana” and together with a pluralistic group of citizens of the sector contributing to the development of peasant and marginalized communities to the improvement of their social and economic living conditions.

The IADESO Foundation (Research, Social Development Support) was organized and created at the San Francisco ranch and founded in Quito, Ecuador, in 1993 and now domiciled in Houston, Texas, United States.


Donation to Intiñan Museum
Ing. Juan Gavino Guerrero and family delivery of 392 objects, 101 were declared cultural assets and collections of archaeological pieces and historical antiquities from the San Francisco farm, of José Abel, Juan Tobias and «Paquita» Guerrero, Jose Abel (Teresa, Luis, Mariana, Juan Gavino) and Juan Tobias Guerrero. Tungurahua Province, to the heritage of the Intiñan Museum in San Antonio de Pichincha in the Middle of the World. Quito, Ecuador.
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