latinoamericana foundation Donation of 390 educational, economic, social, administrative books and 180 Catholic books to SEMISUD Seminario Sudamericano. Sangolquí, Ecuador.
parks and courts Advice and coordination in the construction of the recreational park and multiple use field for the benefit of the community, (a healthy mind and a healthy body) in Batan Alto, in charge of the Department of Public Works of the Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito. Pichincha Province, Ecuador.
Central University of Ecuador Donation of 39 technical books on petroleum to the Library of the Faculty of Geology, Mines, Petroleum, Quito, Ecuador.
unidad educativa Quintiano Sánchez Donation of 59 educational books, 14 laptop, 2 boxes of school supplies, 1 music system, 6 furniture, 4 radios, 2 televisions, 9 landscape photo frames for the library to benefit 600 low-income students. Quito, Ecuador.
Proyecto Salesiano niños de la calle Donations of 6 laptops, 12 books, magazines, brochures and educational supplies for the library. Quito, Ecuador.
Anibal Salgado School Construction of prefabricated classrooms to the Anibal Salgado School, benefiting 270 students with the DINACE contribution and Investigacion y Apoyo al Desarrollo Social Foundation advice to build peace, progress and social justice. CantonTisaleo, Tungurahua Province, Ecuador.
Adolfo Jurado School Expansion of school classrooms to the Adolfo Jurado School benefiting 70 students, with DINACE support and Innvestigacion y Apoyo al Desarrollo Social Foundation advise, contributing to universal access to education. San Francisco, Tungurahua Province, Ecuador.


Published books Juan Gavino Guerrero

Download the book: El ojo del migrante desde el exterior.

Download the book: Oro Negro: Hambre y pobreza.

Download the book: Ecuador un paraíso en la mitad del mundo.

Download the book: NUEVOS JÓVENES LÍDERES “No cimientos sobre estiércol”


newspapers JOURNALIST OPINIONS for the Ecuadorian newspapers: El Comercio, Hoy, (Quito) and La Hora (Ambato), Ecuador, important topics of various kinds from Ecuador and the world. Ing. Juan Gavino Guerrero G.


technical contributions – Petroleum urgent solution to the serious crisis. – La OPEP. Books, contributions to magazines, national and international oil research. research work, Oil, environment, ecology, agriculture, rural and community social development. Quito, Ecuador. Ing. Juan Gavino Guerrero G.


clean water and life PROVINCE OF TUNGURAHUA, ECUADOR. The communities of San Francisco and San Luis, population of 790 inhabitants, benefited from the project to supply clean drinking water from the slopes of the Carihuiarazo volcano to protect the health and improve the standard of living of their population. Drinking water for domestic use to protect the health of the population and have a better way of life with the contribution of IADESO (INVESTIGACION APOYO DESRROLLO SOCIAL) FOUNDATION, CARE (USA), IEOS (Instituto Ecuatoriano de Obras Sanitarias), INERHI (Ecuadorian Institute of Hydraulic Resources), Ministry of Public Health, SEDRI (Secretariat for Integral Development) and community labor.
provincial road Interconnection road between Providencia (Ambato-Riobamba highway) and Juan Benigno Vela (Ambato-Guaranda highway). Integration of the towns of Santa Lucia, Tisaleo, San Francisco, Juan Benigno Vela and Santa Rosa with 23,000 inhabitants. Tourism, business, micro-enterprises, industry, manufacturing, optimized marketing of products, goods, services have better communication between peoples. Tungurahua Province. Ecuador.
community routes The following communities: San Francisco, San Luis population of 550 inhabitants. Tungurahua Province., Ecuador.
irrigation channel Maintenance of irrigation channels to protect livestock, agriculture, fruit trees and a variety of crops for the benefit of the populations of San Francisco, San Luis, La Libertad with 590 inhabitants. Tungurahua province, Ecuador.
San Francisco Farm INVESTIGACION Y APOYO AL DESARROLLO SOCIAL. San Francisco farm coordinates with State Institutions, private organizations and foundations, the population receives technical assistance and training in conferences, workshops, seminars, demonstrations and educational programs to improve agriculture, fruit trees, natural resources to boost food production, increase income and preserve the environment. San Francisco Farm of José Abel, Juan Tobías and «Paquita» Guerrero., (Teresa, Luis, Mariana, Juan Gavino). Tungurahua Province, Ecuador.

food rations distribution

During the construction of the works, distribution of food rations to the community mingas in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture. Province of Tungurahua.

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